TSL Bots

Information about the TSL Bot & Auditbot.

TSL Bots



TSL Bot is TSL Designs web crawling bot, TSL Bot is used to search for Domain Names, WHOIS Records along with Monitoring and API Calls from TSL Designs to other sites.

TSL Auditbot

TSL Auditbot is TSL Designs website crawling bot. Crawling is the process by which TSL Auditbot discovers the pages ni your site to proccess a site audit.

TSL Auditbot's crawl process begins with the root URL. As TSL Auditbot visits the page it detects links (SRC and HREF). The Bot with then follow all of these links to each page to build a Pages List showing errors, responses, and load time to allow TSL Designs to Audit the site for use of improvements on SEO, UI, UX and Traffic.